Welcome to FM Software!
Hello! My name is Robert Pitts and I have been into gadgets for as long as I can remember. If there are new gadgets in the market, I would want to know about them as soon as their announcements hit the online world. This is why I created FM Software and decided to write about technology and different gadgets which are new in the industry. Personally, I prefer to share the different latest news about technology and gadgets like how I was able to read about most of them for many years in the past.
With more than a thousand views in average for all the posts, FM Software was able to be part of the top gadgets and tech blogs in the online world.
My Years in the Industry
For years, I’ve been blogging about technology and gadget. Being passionate about these stuff, I started working for other websites before I created FM Software. I was responsible in keeping the said website up-to-date. I also provided product reviews on gadgets I have used in the past combined with my experience in using specific software. Including simple tricks and tips when using products, I also write about how to repair some of their malfunctions. From social network marketing and with all my years doing this job, I decided- “Hey! Why not create my own website and write there instead?” This is when FM Software was created.
What’s New and Hot!
If you are a gadget enthusiast like me, you would want to know the latest and hottest gadgets in the market and I can tell you exactly what they are. From hardware to software, if you want to know what’s new then you are just in the right place. I make sure that I am updated with the latest in the market so once I have them, you will surely have them too. Since I am passionate with all different technologies and gadgets, my posts are all well-rounded that you can be sure whatever you are looking for, you can find them in my site.