Apple Carplay Can Now Be Used On Motorbikes

Considerable success is being enjoyed by Aprilia motorbikes in road racing. In spite of being a small company in terms of global motorcycling standards, Aprilia has been very active in motor sports with their 450cc V-s motocrosser that can achieve respectable results and race wins on both off-road and on-road categories.

Meanwhile, there is new gadget that is perfect for motorcycle riders who are not on the racing track. Apple Car Play is not a new product; it has launched a few years ago to provide a driver with a friendly and safe iPhone experience inside their cars. Yes, the Appe Car Play was intended for cars until now.

Honda has recently announced in an event in Santa Barbara, California that 2018 Gold Wing motorcycle will be the first two-wheeled vehicle that will feature the technology of Apple CarPlay. However, using the gadget in a motorcycle is not as easy as in the car because of how it is set up. Honda has done its best to make the gadget as intuitive as possible.

The Honda will have the 7-inch coloured TFT display that is compatible with the iPhone. The iPhone can be plugged in the trunk or in the storage compartment of the gas tank. A Bluetooth headset will be needed to be able to use the features of Apple CarPlay. Controls for the gadget can be found on the left handlebar, in a 4-way configuration or in the form of a rotary dial that you can find in the gas tank located in front of the rider.

The overall experience of CarPlay in the motorbike is the same as the car. The rider can view and reply t messages, open car maps for navigation or access music while on the go. The rider can enjoy Apple Music or Spotify while focusing on driving the motorbike.

If you are considering buying a new motorbike, one of your best options is Aprilia motorbikes that are known on the tracks of international and local circuits. Aprilia dealers will be more than happy to guide you with your choice because of their extensive knowledge and experience on motorbikes. If cost is a concern, there are finance offers that you can avail of.