Construction Technology For 2018

We have already seen the first half of this year come and go. For the past six months, many new technological innovations have been introduced and even roof tilers in Sydney have seen a lot of changes in the construction industry. What more can we expect for the remaining half of this year 2018?

  • Augmented Reality. This technology makes it possible for users to go through an actual 3D environment which is a different experience than virtual reality. This experience will help the user assess the area they are in and see more information regarding the specific environment. One example is the new application from iOS named Measure Kit. The app helps the users to look at certain building by just pointing at it. From there, features such as place objects, measure and level can be used.
  • Virtual Reality. This is a more basic version of the augment reality and it was first seen applied in modern video games. This is mainly used by construction firms that wanted their clients to get a real feel of the projects they are planning to work on. This is ideal for complicated projects to see the finished product like in real life. The technology used to be utilized by large firms alone but it is now becoming common among many companies regardless of the size.
  • Wearable Technology. Compared to decades ago, construction sites are now safer. This could only get better with the launching of new devices referred to as wearable technology. Many companies are using these techs in order to monitor their workers and to have real time information regarding risks and potential hazards that could be present on site. This will also serve as an alert when a worker gets into an unfortunate accident such as falling or slipping while on duty.
  • Machine learning. This is another safety technology that should be adapted by roof tilers in Sydney since it can be used to assess an area before a worker starts on the project. With machine learning, the job site can be analysed to see if there are any safety requirements needs or if there should be something to worry about the quality of the materials.