Different Types Of CCTV Cameras And Their Usage

CCTV is an important aspect of home security systems. These devices let the owners have a clear view of their home and surroundings in their laptops by using secured connections. There are many models in CCTV to suit the requirements of different homes and offices.

Having an idea about the different types of CCTV solutions in Perth is very important, before you select a security system.

  • Dome CCTV camera – The camera gets its name from the domed shaped covering on top. These cameras are suitable for the surveillance of indoor spaces like departmental stores and shops. The cameras are placed in strategic locations in stores to prevent theft and shop lifting. The advanced versions of Dome shaped cameras have zoom in and pan functions, which help the user to have a detailed view of a specific area.
  • C- Mount CCTV camera- These cameras can be fitted with different lenses to suit the viewing requirements of the user. A C mount CCTV is better than a normal one as it offers a viewing capacity of more than 40 feet.
  • Day and night CCTV camera- This type of camera captures images with equal clarity in all types of lighting. They are most suitable for outside surveillance of apartment complexes, homes and offices. These cameras provide clear footage irrespective of conditions like glare, direct light, back lighting and reflection.
  • Infrared CCTV camera- This type of infrared cameras are ideal for spaces with poor lighting like basements and parking. These cameras have the ability to capture images even when there is absolutely no light. The infrared LED in these cameras enables them to capture clear footage even in pitch dark conditions.
  • Network or IP CCTV camera- These cameras are capable of sending the video footage over the internet to the user. They compress the size of the file and send it through the network. These cameras are easy to install as they use wireless technology.
  • High Definition or HD CCTV camera- This type of camera is capable of capturing the footage with extreme clarity. They also give the operator the flexibility to zoom in at an object and have a detailed view of the happenings. High Definition cameras are the best CCTV solutions in Perth that are most suited for banks and other financial institutions. They are also used for security surveillance at casinos and other amusement parks.