High Tech Ideas You Can Incorporate In Your Wedding

Once you have taken care of the traditional parts of the wedding such as a marquee hire in Sydney, it is time to focus on high-tech ideas you can incorporate on your wedding day. These ideas are especially recommended for techie couples.

  • A wedding is not complete without drinks. You don’t have to hire a human bartender to accomplish this. You can get a robot bartender that will be stationed at the satellite bar. The machine can serve guests during the wedding party or it can be used during the after party once all the human bartenders have left for the end of their shift. There are robot bartenders that you can buy or rent. Some are simple looking ones the same as the Keurigs while others have robot arms and hands.
  • Live streaming with 360 shots. This is the latest offering from YouTube and Facebook in terms of video streaming. Family members who can’t make it to the wedding day can feel like they are actually in the venue with the 360 videos which can be used while live streaming.
  • If you love Instagram, you will love the hologram booths intended for selfies. This is for people who are tired of the traditional photo booths and would love to witness something new on their wedding day. This technology was brought by the company VNTANA and they call it the Hollagram Selfie.
  • 3D printing your wedding favors. One of the latest trends nowadays is 3D printing. Materials that can be utilized used to be limited to plastic and paper as well as edible materials but metal can now be used in 3D printing. Shapeways, a company that offers this service, uses metal in creating souvenirs and accessories such as key chains and platinum jewelries.
  • Love Snapchat? You can now create your custom Snapchat filter for as low as $5. All you have to do is follow the guidelines provided by Snapchat when designing. Make sure that you have contacted marquee hire in Sydney to ensure that your wedding venue is picture ready.