How Technology Can Help You Get A Thinner Waistline

According to a new study that was published by Journal of Diabetes, Science and Technology, overweight women who are looking at an avatar of themselves that are exercising, eating healthy, and reaching its goals in losing weight are able to lose at least three and a half pounds themselves in a span of more than four weeks. There are now different technologies that one can use in order to motivate them to have a healthier lifestyle, here are some of them.

  • Betting on your diet plan. According to one study, if dieters bet on their plan to lose weight then they are more likely to lose weigh because there is money at stake in comparison to those who do not bet. Figure shows that half of people who joined the bet are able to lose 16 pounds within 16 weeks. This is in comparison to 10 per cent of people who do lost weight but did not join the bet.
  • Make a connection with other people with the use of an interactive app and the most advanced scale. There is a scale called The Lose It! Health-O-Meter that is syncing all its recorded weight on the partner app Lose It. The app can also be utilized by the user to keep track of their exercise goals, calorie intake as well as sleeping patterns. The scale will also give you access to a community of people trying to lose weight which will make your weight loss journey more engaging, challenging as well as motivating. Based on a research done by the company, users with scale are able to lose 2.5 times more weight compared to those who don’t have a scale.
  • Join the bandwagon of people playing video games. While this may sound childish to some, there are active games that are suitable for people who are trying to lose weight including Zumba Fitness in the Nintendo Wii, Walk It Out which requires a balance board and Your Shape Fitness Evolved which can be played in the Xbox 360. This can be done alongside your other diet plan such as HCG weight loss.