How To Choose Your Laser Tag Equipment Supplier

It is very important in a laser tag business that you are able to provide the best system for your players but how do you know that you got the best supplier? In general, the laser tag industry is classified into three major categories – low end system, mid-range system and high end system. The low end system is mostly those that are created using majority of design patterns that are already outdated. The only good thing about this system is that it is cheaper. The big difference of high end system is that it has much strength such as features, price, service and quality.

While buyers might immediately go for the cheapest one, what they don’t realize is that low end systems are very unreliable in general. With the laser tag industry getting bigger, there is higher competition and professional operators come into the scene. Players who have been playing the game a long time will know if they have just an ordinary game or a great game. If you want your business to succeed, you must offer your customers the best system there is.

Avoid low-end system by recognizing the following characteristics:

  • Fixed colors for each team.
  • Lack of hit sensors preventing players from cheating.
  • Player history is not being recorded by the system software.
  • Types of games available are very limited.
  • The phaser is the only location with speakers.
  • Phasers can be used by one hand only.

If you are looking for high end system supplier, look into the type of system they offer and it must have the following qualities:

  • It must have a membership system in order to keep track of the player’s history.
  • It must have a POS system.
  • The players are handicapped depending on their current Skill Level.
  • It comes with advanced role playing games that offer various abilities for players including shields, stealth, resupply, rapid fire, and missiles.
  • There should also be an interactive arena aside from the usual bases and mines.

Review the following checklist to make sure your business have the high end laser tag equipment in USA.