How Well Does Responsive Or Adaptive Web Design Work On Your Mobile Gadgets

TV Store online is not only designed for mobile, it is optimized for all platforms from the tiny screen of smart phones to the gigantic monitors of desktop computers. TV Store online has been adapted for mobile so that consumers can effectively access the site from anywhere. There are two basic strategies that are used in building websites so that they can be accessed through different platforms but responsive web design is more ideal for small businesses. Adaptive web design works best for complex web apps although it also makes your site look its best in any desired resolution.

Responsive VS. adaptive layout

Smart phones have revolutionized the way mobile devices are used. The main goal in the purchase of a cell phone used to be for communication either through calls or SMS but today, mobile phones are used like mini computers because of their capabilities to access the internet. The number of potential screen sizes can be confusing as well as the different resolutions, retina displays and operating systems. Responsive web design is the process which was used to make websites work on the very small screen of mobile phones.

However, before responsive web design gained ground, adaptive web design has dominated the development of websites Adaptive web designs was the route that web designers took for retrofitting an existing website and making it mobile friendly. Designing for adaptive layout is fairly simple for professional web designers because it only required designing one layout and developing it for a site.

On the other hand, designing for responsive web layout is not so simple since it essentially requires considering all viewpoints meaning there is a lot work involved in design. Once the layout has been developed, the media queries have to be used to make the design responsive. Ideally defining set viewpoints should be done through a high resolution mobile device so that all viewpoints can be seen. After support has been established from the low and high resolution viewpoints, it is time to move on to testing.

The best method to go about with testing is through manual loading of a page on a tablet, mobile phone or a laptop to gain a more accurate impression on the functionality of the site and whether the design fits well on an actual device.