Innovative Storm Draining Technology

The world’s climate has changed. Ever increasing number of storms has been recorded. The winds are stronger and rains are heavier. Our environment is prone to flooding especially in the urban areas. To combat nature’s destructive effects, drainage systems were developed. Runoff water caused by these environmental disasters pose an even bigger problem, but systems like the infiltration drainfield aims to handle this issue.

Why a clean storm and parking lot drain is necessary

Storm drain, storm sewer or parking lot drain is constructed in order to drain the water brought about by heavy rains. Water flow through these drains and are released into bodies of water like the streams and the rivers. The water in storm drains is untreated therefore it is very essential that the storm drains are kept clean.

When drains are not monitored and cleaned on a regular basis, these will be clogged by trashes, sediments or debris. The drains will then overflow which will result in flooding and erosion. Imagine the hassle of people walking or driving through flooded areas or parking lots. One probably would not want go back to that area. Consequently, if you have a business in the area, it will surely be affected.

Storm drain cleaning and parking lot drain cleaning

When you want a storm drain or parking lot drain cleaned, you can employ the services of experts in this line of business. They can provide you with the services needed from plumbing to fixing that drainage filter. They have special equipments needed for a particular undertaking.

Infiltration Drainfield System

There are new technologies being developed to address the issues of storm drain cleaning, infiltration drainfields, is one of them. These drainfields exists to protect watersheds from flood waters that could cause contamination. This system works by redirecting the runoff water to a storm sewer which will process it with grit and oil. This process serves as a pre-treatment step which filters the runoff water from contaminants. The system then continues into a manifold system which segregates the runoff water into different infiltration drainfield. A filtration fabric and a sand filter is utilized to filter the runoff water gradually.

Maintaining drains

Storms come unexpectedly. It is important to always have a clean and clog free drain. If these are not maintained, you will experience clogging of debris and flooding in the area. It would cost you a lot to call services to do the cleaning and repair of the drainage system. Your property will also be affected. Unwanted water can ruin the overall condition of your property. It is best to prevent this and do regular maintenance of drainage systems.