Live Office Furniture From Herman Miller

How would you feel if your office furniture can talk? This is a weird question but the possibility of it happening is very high because there is currently talking office furniture available in the market. This is brought to you by one of the largest office furniture manufacturer in the United States. The company’s goal is to make the workplace a more productive space and make sure the employees are comfortable.

The office furniture manufacturer is Herman Miller. They announced in 2017 that they are going to make a smart desk equipped with a live operating system to be used in syncing the furniture. For 2018, the company kept true to their promise by launching the very first office chair in the world that is synced with an OS. The chair is called Live Aeron.

The company’s showroom is located in New York City where a demo of the live OS is available. There is a smart desk that comes with sensors which records information such as the length of time the worker has been using the desk every day as well as the optimal height of the worker. The smart chair, on the other hand, is equipped with sensors which is targeting the posture of the user with aim to correct it if necessary.

If you like the design of the previous Aeron chair without the technology, you will be happy to know that the live Aeron looks just as good. There is no obvious indication that it comes with a smart technology except for a sensor located under the seat which is discreetly located. It is a good thing that the original design of the chair comes equipped with conductive materials which is used to decrease the static level.

The desk and chair are connected by a single operating system which is a bonus. The design is also ergonomic and will surely benefit employers as it can store data such as the working habits of the workers. Herman Miller aims to use smart office furniture in order to make office management better and to help workers work more efficiently through the data they have gathered.