Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

One of the most important parts of a human’s life is cooking. For those who love to cook, being around the kitchen is an easy task. For those who don’t like it that much, there are kitchen gadgets that will be able to help anyone save cooking time, keep everything clean and makes tedious kitchen jobs faster.

These may not render a 5-star worthy results but these gadgets will surely add fun while around the kitchen.

Egg Minder

For those who have important things going on around them, they tend to forget about the little things like the eggs they have purchased. Planning on cooking but not sure if the egg is still good? Now anyone can buy an egg minder which tells how old the eggs are and how many are left. This is very useful when buying groceries and not sure whether to buy a new pack or not. The egg minder has its own mobile app.

Prep Pad

This is suitable for people who are health conscious. This Prep Pad measures your food and its nutritional content. This comes with an iPad application for anyone to enter the type of food; Prep Pad then calculates its calorie content as well as fats and carbs.

Blendtec Designer 700

Blenders used to be categorized under the not-so-cool gadgets but the Blendtec Designer 700 is the new trendsetter. It has a 1700-watt motor and six options that are already programmed. What more? It features a touchscreen interface.

We-Mo Slow Cooker

This slow cooker is perfect for the forgetful type. We-Mo owners can turn on the slow cooker anytime, anywhere using their smartphones. They can also adjust the temperature and make changes on the cooking time.

Simplehuman’s Trash Can

This trash can is not only a perfect display inside the kitchen, it is very smart too. Just a swipe of the hand over the top and it will automatically open. It is also finger-print proof so say goodbye to smudges.

Geneva Sound System

Cooking time will be more fun with the Geneva Sound System Model S Wireless. Anyone can now listen to great music in their kitchen. Just sync the Bluetooth speaker to a smartphone, laptop or tablet.