New Pickup Truck Introduced By General Motors

The latest pickup from General Motors has been launched last earlier last month. Carbon fiber was used to create the bed of the trucks because the material is lightweight but it is quite on the expensive side. This is the same material used in exotic sports cars with sky rocket prices. This is unlike other pickup trucks wherein the bed is made from cinder blocks or sheets of plywood and owners have to opt for tonneau covers in order to protect the truck bed.

The pickup truck from General Motors is called Sierra Denali. The entire surface which is the bed of the truck is made from the special material therefore the weight is 62 pounds lighter compared to beds made of steel.

Reducing the weight of pickup trucks is one of the targets of auto manufacturers because it helps in their goal to assist the fuel economy. If the truck is made of lighter materials, it will be able to haul heavier loads and tow cargo much easier.

When looking at its biggest competition from Ford, the F-150, the entire body of the truck is made from aluminum. General Motors is proud to present their new vehicle because they developed it in a way to use several materials at once to derive to the best weight, strength and durability.

According to Gm, the Sierra Denali is equipped with a complicated tailgate. Theirs is different from majority of tailgates found in pickup trucks where it can only be folded in the same direction when lifted and put back. Sierra Denali’s tailgate can be folded and bended several ways such as when it is fully open, a step can be created from folding the tailgate. It is also possible to fold only the top therefore providing a desk.

Owners get to have a Trailering App upon purchase which helps in temperature monitoring, trailer light test as well as checking the trailer’s tire pressure. To avoid theft with items loaded at the back, tonneau covers can be bought. The truck comes with a detection system in case the trailer is removed from the truck which will send alerts to the owner.