One plus 6 – The Smart phone For A Different Breed Of Users

Most hotels today have realized the importance of having a mobile friendly web design. In today’s digital age where almost everyone owns a Smart phone, it can be assumed that most of their purchases and bookings are done online. For example, it is easy and convenient to search business district hotel in Bangkok using a mobile phone while waiting for traffic or sipping the first cup coffee in the morning.

By the end of March 2018, another new phone will be launched which can be used to browse the internet. OnePlus, a Chinese Smartphone manufacturer is scheduledto release One Plus 6. The previous One Plus 5 made a huge splash when it was released and it is expected that One Plus 6 will do better than its predecessor.

When OnePlus5 was introduced to the market, people went crazy over its high resolution cameras, fast-charging capabilities and extra-smooth performance. The innovative Smartphone went from being an underdog newcomer in the industry to a product of obsession of techies everywhere. Users of OnePlus5 define themselves as a different breed of users who consistently strive for the best.

According to a source, OnePlus will be powered by Snapdragon 845 chipset, the latest and most powerful processor from Qualcomm. It is very likely for every major flagship phone that will be released in the coming year to carry the chip. OnePlus is expected to deliver better battery life, graphics, images, audio and video recordings.

There are also reports that that the phone will include a fingerprint sensor right under the display. This means that the sensor in OnePlus6 will be in front. In OnePlus5, the sensor is located at the back to avoid downsizing the screen. If rumours are true, the release of OnePlus6 will come 4 months after the release of OnePlus5. This is in character with OnePlus’ philosophy.

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