What Packaging Technologies Can Be Expected For 2015?

Consumer demands continue to change and the packaging industry has to adjust to these demands to remain relevant and strengthen their bottom line. It is expected that the year 2015 will usher in new trends in packaging for further improvement and to sustain the needs of different industries particularly in the food sector.

Five trends that can be expected for 2015

Sustainability – a survey made by Asian Pulp and Paper in 2013 revealed that 60% of American consumers would like packages to be more sustainable and 40% do not mind paying extra as long as packaging meets their requirements. What does sustainable packaging mean? Packaging should stay safe and healthy for individuals during its life cycle and it should meet market criteria for performance and cost. Technology used should optimize renewable or recycled source materials. Companies should be aware of this trend which is expected in 2015 and beyond.

Transparency – companies with the goal to improve supply chain transparency can inform their consumers how the products are sourced, manufactured, transported, warehoused and sold. Customers must be provided with clear and concise instructions on how they can recycle packaging.

Better barrier technology – companies that make use of paper and paperboard for packaging must focus on creating better coatings and barriers that are biodegradable, recyclable and sourced from renewable resources. Bio-plastics and water-based coatings as well as barriers will influence how companies will package their products for the coming year.

Lightweight packaging – more emphasis on reduced package weights for cost reduction and minimal shipping charges will be the trend in 2015. However, making packaging lightweight should not impact on customer experience and after product life. It is also important to ensure sustainability while considering its durability, weight and consumer experience.

Easily opened packages – consumers prefer packaging that can be opened easily. There must be no additional tools that will be required when a consumer has to open to package. This trend should be considered by companies who have experienced lower customer satisfaction. One very good example of easy to open packages is those used by mobile manufacturers when packing mobile phones. There are no adhesives used and the paperboard is durable enough to withstand rough handling during transport.