The More Recent Trends In Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is a new trend where electronic technology or computers are incorporated into items such as clothing and accessories that are worn on the body. Wearable devices perform tasks like computing that is associated with handheld mobile devices. This new technology is considered to be more sophisticated because it includes sensors and scanning abilities that are not typically found in mobile gadgets and laptops. The user has access to information and communication in time. The implications of wearable can be far reaching particularly for health, fitness, education, transportation, finance and music.

Wearable tech trends

Wearable headsets – technology has its advantages but it also has its drawbacks because it can distract the attention of workers. Instead of being productive, workers pay more attention to their mobile gadgets. Their insatiable desire for immediate information and communication is provided by wearable technology in the form of headsets like Google Glass that performs most of the functions of a mobile phone. It can take pictures, provide direction, record video and send messages.

Wearable wristwatches – computerized wristwatches are not new technology because a Linux-powered device has been developed at the beginning of the 21st century. What‘s new today is internet-enabled devices in form of small watch styles that has been released by Sony, Samsung, Dualcomm and Apple. Technology has provided these wearable wristwatches with cheaper and smaller components that can comfortably be worn by a person.

Wearable for fitness – pedometers are devices worn a person to count the amount of steps taken through the motion of the hips. Pedometers have been improved by technology through Nike’s FuelBand which is a smart pedometer that tracks steps and at the same time provides motivational reminders and social connectivity. Competitors in the market like Fitbit and Jawbone Up have also introduced their own brands of wearable fitness tracking devices.

Wearable for health monitoring – healthcare wearable is a fast growing sector to provide solutions for the challenges faced by the most patients. Some of the gadgets that have been introduced allow doctors to intervene immediately to avoid serious complications. Wearable gadgets monitor if a patient has taken a fall. In some cases, the devices remind the patient that it is time to take medications.