Software And Artificial Intelligence On Smart Gadgets Produced In 2017

Predictions for 2017 include smart gadgets and platforms that will rely on software and artificial intelligence technology to define user experience. Popular brands and startups will play a major role in defining the gadgets that consumers will buy, the services that will be used and the user experience that will be gained.

The idea of wearing a headset that allows you to walk through virtual space as if you are part of a movie or game cannot be easily incorporated into the daily routine. But virtual reality technology has its advantages which were realized by auto maker Tata Motors. The VR element will be added to showrooms in the next few months so that potential customers will experience the car they are planning to buy. However, there is no denying the fact that a VR headset is quite expensive at Rs 80,400 through Amazon and will need a very powerful PC.

It is difficult to overlook artificial intelligence this year because Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are pursuing the technology. Apple will be making significant exceptions to its traditional policies when it allows its AI team to publish research papers for public consumption. According to Yann leCun, Facebook’s director of AI research, AI is not magic but it has already made magical advances in the field of scientific research and has contributed to identifying objects in photographs, recognizing speech, driving a car and translating an online post into different languages.

In 2016, consumers saw the first phones with 6 GB RAM – OnePlus 3, LeEco Le Max 2 and OnePlus 3T but this year expect specifications to be more powerful. New processors from Qualcomm and MediaTek will define new smartphones. On the other hand, Huawei and Samsung will be launching newer versions of the chips that they make for their phones.

Innovations continue in the world of gadgets and devices. In the world of advertising, marketing innovation is making sure that insurance products get in front of potential customers. Today, consumers have become more discerning but they can be reached through innovative content that establishes a business as an authority in the industry. Customers will be reminded of the content they read when they search for insurance products.