Staying Ahead Of The Competition Through Technology

Luxury and convenience are not only the things offered by 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit; it provides an excellent and memorable customer journey through technology. The hotel ensures that you are always connected to your friends and family by providing free Wi-Fi access in the lobby area and in all the guestrooms.

People nowadays are obsessed with technology; there is no question about that. However, as more innovations are introduced, the relative cost of technology goes higher. Hotels have no choice but to implement technology in their operations in order to be competitive.

The goal of every hotel is to provide the customer with a different experience but it is not enough for a guest to have a pleasant stay. If guests have had a memorable and fun experience, they will surely talk about it. Hotels have to try a little harder because after all, it is the experience that guests will recollect.

There are futuristic gadgets that provide the hotel with an edge over its competitors. An increasing number of hotels are now implementing keyless entry as a way to reward their loyal guests. The keyless entry eliminates the need for key cards to bring the hotel to the future. At some point, the hotel saves on costs.

Tech savvy guests are certainly familiar with Siri and voice recognition apps. Hotels can take advantage of this sophisticated technology by incorporating voice recognition to change room temperature or control the blinds. This is the technology that will be memorable to guests.

There are hotel guests who prefer to stay inside the room and binge-watch their favourite TV series and movies. By offering Netflix to guests, the hotel is assured that guests could turn into repeat customers. It makes sense for hotels to embrace this inexpensive piece of technology to prevent boredom or temporarily occupy their children.

It is also important for hotels to have a mobile friendly website that makes it easy to book a room using a smartphone. Guests can expect free Sky Room upgrades, free luxury airport transfers and other privileges if they book directly through the website of 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit in Thailand. Get in touch and discover the latest deals.