Technologies That Changed How Human Resources Department Operates

Work space is never the same since the rapid innovation which has changed the landscape of everything that is work related. There are now individuals who can choose to work from their own homes if they choose to. Human resources also saw how technology changed the management with the help of HR management software and the latest technological trends. For 2018, there are a number of technologies that made an impact on human resources.

  • Mobile apps. This year is the time when HR is going to rely on smartphones because many operations are now going to be accessible through mobile applications. Companies are already starting to make use of these new mobile apps to make their HR landscape more effective. The mobile apps will focus on the mobilization process of the department and will satisfy the interface that workers want to see.
  • Social Media. There is a huge role that social media is playing in various industries in the workforce and HR is not a stranger to these platforms. These are often used for recruitment because one-fourth of the total number of employers is using social media platforms daily such as LinkedIn and Facebook in order to recruit employees. In fact, social media is now a prime source for many companies who are looking to hire many workers.
  • Big Data. In every task and operation in human resources, there are two important aspects that must be considered such as preventing risk and making sure they are following compliance. Technology changed the monotony when HR platforms became a digital tool that supplies the needs of the human resource. This is where Big Data comes in because it helps the professionals in the HR department to know the customers, communicate when them and to reach the target market they want.
  • Cloud Technology. Businesses nowadays are starting to employ cloud in the applications they use. Especially with business tools such as HR management software where a lot of data has to be kept and ensure its security. Cloud management is used alongside with the software for easy access of the HR management and even the employees.