The Importance Of Iot Hands-Free Devices For Heating Engineers

There are many common boiler issues that require heating engineers so the potential causes can be checked and the best solution recommended. In some instances, boiler repairs will be suggested as the possible solution so that the boiler can function properly. However, if the boiler is way past its usable life, the heating engineer can advice replacement with a more modern and energy efficient boiler.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is causing waves across the consumer and business landscapes. While the consumer sector is expected to lead the way in IoT spending over the next 3 years, businesses won’t be far behind. One of the industry sectors that are expected to embrace IoT because of its advantages is utilities. An example is the smart meter that helps a household to remotely track and manage energy usage to save on the energy bills.

In the energy sector, a heating engineer that is undertaking boiler repairs or annual service can use assisted reality smart glasses that can call up the schematics of the boiler for a hands-free full view of the service procedure. If the heating engineer finds a fault that is a barrier to repair, he can use collaboration software to ask for assistance from a remote expert. Important information can be sent instead of additional personnel to save on time and money.

The important benefits and capabilities of smart glasses are suitable to the utilities industry because of the significant need for hands-free functionality. The recent Maximizing Mobility report from Toshiba revealed that 49% believe in the benefits of hands-free functionality while 47% believe that smart glasses can deliver improved mobile working. At least 41% expect better collaboration and information sharing.

It is expected that the utilities industry will be at the forefront of IoT adoption including mobile edge computing and wearable solutions that improve productivity and worker safety.

Meanwhile, if you notice signs that the boiler is not performing as expected, call the heating engineers to undertake boiler repairs for fast response. It is important to act immediately when there is something wrong with the boiler because it can emit carbonmonoxide which is extremely hazardous for the family.