Tips For Staying Updated With Accounting Tech

The job of accountants is a demanding one. Deadlines, numerous tasks, the pressure of ensuring the financial integrity of the organization, etc. The modern accountant has to juggle of all these responsibilities, hoping to make full use of all that finance training they had. But another challenge, one brought upon by modern developments: keeping up with constantly updating tech.

So, to help out those who have trouble keeping up with the times, here are some tips to keep yourself from being audited out of relevance.

  • Know your skills. Setting a goal is much easier to do when you know where to start. Whatever knowledge you may have of the software used by the financial department may not be exactly what’s needed to make it all work, the ideas and principles generally stay the same (it is the same field, after all). Take note of what skills you possess regarding the most common financing tech, like Excel.
  • Continue from the previous point. Now that you know what you have, time to work on getting what you don’t. Learn the skills necessary, receive additional training; join workshops, classes, etc. Maybe gain an IT certification, to get a better grasp of how to how software works, or get certified in the software the financial department uses. If nothing else, it’ll add to your skillset, and help give you something to work with beyond finance training.
  • Head for the Cloud. Cloud computing is becoming more and more prevalent. Before, there were flash drives, now there’s Google Drive and Dropbox. The technology of business is now moving into the cloud. Knowing how these work, what makes them tick may not be your forte, but the financial department needs them, so it’s never a bad idea to try and learn.
  • Expand your horizons. Sure, you are part of the finance department. But knowing how the technology you use work couldn’t possibly be a bad thing. As we’ve mentioned in the previous points, the difficulty of staying updated is alleviated by having knowledge to work with. The IT experts specialize in IT, just as the Accountants to accounting, but it doesn’t mean someone can’t learn from both; your local IT experts are the easiest way to get started with learning.
  • Update yourself about the update. When new versions come out, the company makes the choice of upgrading to the new stuff, or sticking with the old. Of course, the best course of action is usually to update, but you can’t just update blindly. Taking the time to go through the additional information provided, such as tutorial, manual, patch notes, etc., will help ensure that no one goes for the new version blind.