Unique Ideas For Wedding Planners To Highlight A Wedding

Social media has become of the best game changers for wedding planner in Sydney as well as the wedding couple. Nowadays it has become relatively easy for wedding planners to show off their work through Facebook and Instagram posts. Tech gadgets which are indispensable tools for wedding planners can also take the wedding to the next level and make it absolutely unique.

Wedding photographers and video graphers are almost always present during weddings to capture the memorable event. However, there is another piece of the puzzle that wedding planners must consider – a professional who can film a virtual reality wedding video using 360o 3D technology. The wedding couple will appreciate watching a VR film of their wedding while wearing VR goggles or VR headsets.

Drones are the newest trend today. You can literally see these drones capturing aerial views of newsworthy events. Wedding couples can get hold of a drone and ask one of the guests who have experience with its controls to take an aerial view of the event. It is also worth the effort to ask the wedding photographer or videographer whether they use drones in their profession.

It is very likely that you have a unique idea on how your wedding cake must look but you are uncertain whether the baker can pull it off. The solution is to use a projector to push an image on the cake. Many have this done this before and the cake became the highlight of the reception.

If the bride really wants to be the centre of attention during the big day, make her wear a LED wedding dress of fibre optic cables that can light up the dress for wedding photographs. Nothing can literally light up the bride than wearing the eye-catching LED wedding dress.

Guests will be anxious once they find out that they are losing battery life in their Smartphone or tablet. It makes sense for the wedding planner in Sydney to ensure that there is a charging booth where the guests can charge their batteries. This will ensure that guests can take as many photographs as they want to post on Facebook or Instagram.