What Is Retaining Wall Drainage Technology

Ground water is prevented from entering any building or property with the help of retaining walls made of concrete or other types of underground structures. It is also not surprising to know that the ground water may also build up on the other side of the retaining wall created.

When this happens, there are two possible results. Number one is that the retaining wall now has to sustain an added weight and force caused by the ground water. Most of the time, the added force is not anticipated during the construction of the retaining wall. There is a possibility that the wall will collapse. Number two is that the water that has build up may enter the cold joints that are located on the retaining wall. When this happens, the reinforcing steel inside the wall may rust and eventually damage the wall. If a living space is above the retaining wall and any of these two will happen then it will create undesirable conditions for the homeowners. Correcting it will cost a lot of money.

There is now a modern drainage technology used in order to prevent these kinds of damages to the retaining wall. This is important because the construction industry will not accept retaining walls that do not pass the safety test. The modern drainage systems used on retaining walls make use of panels which are also called as drainage panels or drainage tiles. This type is cost effective in comparison to using gravel which has to be imported and placed within a number of yards behind the retaining wall.

The gravel or drain rock that was used before is now replaced with drainage panels. These panels are composed of composite materials and may be positioned above the waterproofing membrane before it is connected behind the retaining wall. The surface of the panels is composed of dimples made out of Geotextile fabric. The fabric is position near the soil and is used as a filter by the system to make sure no sediment enters the wall. To know more about the other latest technology in drainage system, contact Pro Jett Plumbing & Drainage.