Which Plan To Choose: Contract Or SIM Only?

It may be quite puzzling that as technology develops further, the prices of many gadgets and technology powered devices are getting more and more affordable except in the case of smartphones. The newer the model with more innovative features, the pricier it gets. The devices are not the only ones that cost more but the contracts that come with them as well. Add to that the challenge of choosing the most suitable contract for you out of the many deals laid out. In general, there are two ways one will be able to acquire a new smartphone. First is to buy one along with a contract which means you will have to pay both the services and the handphone within a certain amount of time depending on the contract. Second option is to buy only the handphone you want and find another deal that offer SIM only plan or opt for a pay as you go lifestyle.

The basic process in getting a contract is that once the consumer has paid for the phone at the end of the set time, they have the freedom to get a SIM only deal which is cheaper or they can avail a new phone wherein they will have to enter another contract. There are even those that allow them to sell their old phone in order to use the money in paying off the new one.

One of the advantage when choosing the 2-year contract is that one doesn’t have to pay the whole price of the handphone in one go but it will be divided over a period of 24 months along with the service used. After that, they will have the option to switch to SIM only plans.

Buying your own phone also offers many benefits to the user. First, the smartphone you will purchase is sure to be unlocked and can be used with any SIM you like. This is ideal for people who are always travelling and needs to change their SIM every now and then. Second, SIM only deals like the 3 SIM only are way cheaper than contracts with phone and the binding time is also shorter.