Why Businesses Have To Provide Their Customers With Mobile Friendly Shopping Experience

The growth of ecommerce can be considered overwhelming but do you know that the growth of mobile commerce is even faster? Given the popularity of smartphones nowadays, the growing trend for mobile commerce is no longer surprising. According to May Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends report, smartphone usage has grown considerably over the past years with 30% of mobile users accessing the internet through their smartphones.

It is important for any business to provide its customers with a satisfactory mobile experience given the popularity of mobile shopping. To make things clear, mobile commerce is certainly part of ecommerce but it deals specifically with customers who are using their smartphones to shop instead of their desktop computers and laptops. The main goal for businesses is to ensure that their target audience will able to access their site through mobile.

New concepts like responsive web designs allow consumers the same shopping experience on the smaller screens of their smartphones and tablet computers. The first and foremost reason for businesses to adopt responsive design on their websites is to attract the attention of smartphone users.

According to a research report from eMarketer, 2.23 billion people worldwide use their mobile gadgets to go online at least once a month. As the mobile trend continues it is expected that smartphone and tablet internet access will eventually overtake laptop and desktop computer usage. The fact that people are becoming more reliant on their smartphones means that there is a very great chance to do their shopping for products and services through mobile.

As far as actual mobile transactions are concerned, PayPal has reported $27 billion worth of mobile transactions last 2013. Alipay has exceeded these numbers when it reported $150 billion processed mobile transactions over the same period of time. It is estimated that mobile ecommerce transactions will reach approximately $204 billion by the end of 2018.

These numbers are difficult to ignore for businesses that offer products and services through the internet. It is important for a Perth electrician to ensure that his website can be easily accessed through mobile so as not to miss on the opportunity of serving customers who are using their smartphones.