Why South America Is So Lovely And A Fantastic Place To Be

My exploration has taken me almost three years in finalizing the nook areas of South America. However, during my South America tour, I realized a lot about every part of the country in South America. This eventually makes me feel like I have gotten a good information about all the countries in South America. I feel like being aware of what each country has to offer, I am also aware of the worst part of the country. With this little information, I have decided to explain the good and best part of the countries in South America.

The beauty and the worst of some of the countries in South America

Argentina Beauty: this country is blessed with natural amazing wonders. They have Iguazu Falls and Perito Moreno Glacier which are the most spectacular sights in all of South America. A lot oftravellers are visiting the natural wonders during their South America tour

Argentina Worst: if you are a type that loves to swim in a bright orange beach then Argentina is the place for you. While Brazil is blessed with a calm and sandy beach.

Bolivia Beauty: the most breath-taking sceneries in the world is offered by Bolivia from the point of the famous Salar de Uyuni to the awesome death road and straight up to the rugged Altiplano.

Bolivia Worst: when it comes to music believe me Bolivia is the worst place to be. Their traditional songs take up to about 15minutes long each and this will actually make you get bored because the sound of the music is so blunt and not lively.

Brazil Beauty: Brazil is a country with the honours of having awesome and greatest parties. Without even mentioning the carnival of the world famous. Most of the travellers intend to go for a South America tour especially on weekend basis just to witness the skills of the Brazilian party at Lapa in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil Worst: Meat has been the most disappointing part of the country because of the toughness.


In general, one of the best countries on the plant, in my point of view, when you are interested in going for South America tour remains Bolivia.