4 Tips To Create Effective Illustrated Maps

There are different types of maps and generally, they are only being utilized when a traveler is lost or when that traveler doesn’t want to get lost. If you would be utilizing Illustrated Maps for your next travel but you don’t want to spend on professional makers, you can opt to create one but you need to ensure that you would be accurate on your illustration to render the map useful and effective. Here are some tips:

Get acquainted with your target area

In order to make your map effective and for it to serve its purpose, get acquainted with the area where you want to trek or travel. You can search on the internet for copies of current maps and even old maps at the library. All you have to do is improve the map by adding more images that will make it easier for you to follow the map.

Note important landmarks

You can add creativity on your map by enlarging important landmarks in the area. You can make use of colors or paste images on it for emphasis. Another option is to figures or shapes as landmarks for parks, churches, popular shops, schools and other known institutions.

Choose remarkable colors

Whether you would be creating Illustrated Maps for personal use or for others, you should use appropriate colors for it. For instance, if you would be using the map, you can use colors that fit your personality or those that are your personal choice. However, if you would create for others such as professionals, a toned down set of colors would be more suitable. Avoid using too many colors on your map as it can get confusing. However, if you are creating maps for children, you can make use of more colors and cartoon illustrations.

Make your elements coherent

Use consistent symbols and characters to avoid confusing your users. For example, use the same pattern or symbol to illustrate same ideas such as highways, rivers, national roads, etc. One indication that Illustrated Maps are effective when young children can easily use them and follow the map’s instructions. Check other maps online for ideas.