Benefits Of Downloading The Google Map App On Your Iphone

While Google Maps do a good job in providing detailed transit directions, it is nowhere as attractive as a London City Illustrated Map that is a product of a creative and skillful combination of geography, information and architecture from a favorable vantage point. The illustration can range from whimsical to realistic and from 2D site plans to fully rendered bird’s eye-view map illustrations.

One of the features of Google Map app is the ability to save offline maps on the iPhone. When you travel abroad, it is very likely to experience slow cell reception or lack of data connection but you can still access the saved offline maps.

Apple Maps are integrated in the iPhone but sometimes Google Maps work better. Besides that, the app can be downloaded for free. Even if you have a foreign SIM when you travel to another country, Google Maps will still work to provide driving directions. The maps that have been saved offline can still be viewed in detail. Points of interest, businesses and locations can be searched in the downloaded areas. To view the points of interest in greater detail, the user can simply zoom in and out.

However, the offline Google Map cannot provide advice on road constructions, street conditions or transit outages because the features are not available offline. For walking directions and transit directions, it is important to obtain cell reception or internet connection through Wi-Fi.

The offline maps can only be saved for 30 days. After the 30 days are over, the offline maps are automatically deleted to save on the storage space of the iPhone. If you are travelling to the same place for the second time, make sure to download the offline maps before the 30 days are over. It is also a good idea to update the areas regularly to include any changes since the last download.

The offline map of London that can be downloaded on the iPhone is different from the London City Illustrated Map. The illustrated map has no strict scales that will show streets, road constructions, buildings and landmarks. The illustration is an aerial view focused on prominent parts of the landscape to provide the feeling of identification.