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Planning on getting a gadget but completely unsure about specifically what type of gadget do you really want? Feeling indecisive on whether to go for a smart phone that has a much more powerful battery life or one with a camera that has a total of 10x megapixels?

Everybody has gone through a phase in their life where they start to indulge using the fruits of their labor once they have finally gotten a hold of their hard-earned four-figured monthly salary.

Some would spend it on a much needed vacation while some would spend it on clothes to expand their existing wardrobe. And then there are those who would use it to give their old phones a big upgrade.

Decision makings when it comes to gadgets, especially smart phones, can be quite a difficult call to make. For one, you have to make your mind up on what particular smart phone brand you would want to go for. Next comes the part where you have to set your sights on a smart phone that goes with your budget and then choose which phone you think will suit your interests.

The outcome of this would result in one of two ways: you either purchase a smart phone that is satisfactory until a better one comes along then the regret starts creeping in or get one that has all the applications, tools and features that you need and you would feel would be enough for the long-term.

However unsure you are of what kind of smart phone you really want to have, babandoo is there to help. is a website that focuses on providing reviews on the latest gadgets, cell phone applications, software and tools. There you can also take notice on customer ratings as well as reviews provided forth by the members of the staff themselves and guest commentators.

Coming to a decision on what smart phone you want to buy is easier said than done. However, if you give yourself the right amount of time by reading customer reviews and ratings and have the budget to match, purchasing that perfect smart phone will become rather trouble free.