Gadgets Recommended For Electricians And Contractors

In order for an electrician to be effective in doing their job, they must have the necessary tool to make their work faster and more reliable. With the help of cool gadgets, they are able to work with their task in an easier manner and the job seems more fun. If you noticed your hired electrician seems to be doing their job faster than usual, it is because of the development of new tools and gadgets that they use while on the field. Here are some of the latest gadgets that are a must have for every electrician.

  • A screwdriver that is motion activated. The very first type of this screwdriver was developed by Black and Decker. The screwdriver has a smart technology that senses the wrist movement of the human and then it changes its speed based on the motion. The screwdriver developed by Black and Decker is called Gyro and it has the capacity to change from forward to reverse direction. What makes this smart tool work is the microprocessor embedded inside that dictates that direction as well as the speed of the tool.
  • Stud finder. This tool has the capacity to find metal studs as well as wood. It can also locate joists that are hidden inside ceilings, floors and walls. The stud finder can also be utilized if the electrician is trying to spot live electrical cables hidden in walls. The stud finder was developed by Zircon and it is called Multiscan i520 One Step.
  • Camera for video inspection. These cameras are mini versions that are connected to flexible cable. These are very affordable thus majority of homeowners have this. If inspecting dark places, the built in lights can be turned on. Images and videos that are captured will be saved on its memory card.
  • Wireless shop vacuums. Electrician in Gold Coast has this handy tool to make sure their work area is clean after. There is no need to worry about tangling wires or stepping on them and getting in the way while doing the work because they are cordless. These are now offered by many manufacturers in the market.