Gadgets That Can Print Your Selfies In Seconds

Photographs deserve to be displayed in frames to remind people of a certain situation or a special occasion in one’s life. However, in today’s digital age, images are shared through social media instead of printed and mounted into a beautiful frame for longevity. Lately, physical photographs are making a comeback and this is probably due to the passion to take selfies using smart phones.

Gadgets that can be used to instantly print the favorite photograph

  • Prynt Phone Case – is similar to the old fashioned Polaroid that instantly prints your photos. The photo case stores mini Zink photo paper strips and works through an app that can be downloaded after buying the phone case. Additional features include filters, stickers and edit pictures prior to printing.
  • PiXSprint picture printer – can be connected to your smartphone wirelessly through Bluetooth. It is relatively small to easily fit inside your pocket but small though it seems, it can print high quality pictures that you will be proud to put in a frame.
  • Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer – is a gadget made by the original Polaroid company that you can connect to your phone through a USB. You can be assured of quality because the gadget is made by the original instant photo people. You can print about 25 photographs using loads of bold colors without the need to recharge batteries or change the ink cartridge.
  • FUJIFILM Instax Share SP-1 Printer – allows you to print your photographs with that classic Polaroid trim. The printing process is quite easy; you just send the pictures to the printer using an app and watch it printed in 17 seconds. The Fuji guys have a winner in their hands particularly since the printer works with both Apple and Android gadgets.

When you store images on your phone or tablet, you gain the satisfaction of looking at them from time to time but the emotions are different when the photographs are printed through Professional Printing in Perth because of the high standards of quality. For example, that lovely photograph of your wedding day when displayed can evoke feelings of happiness and make you remember that romantic day.