New Technologies That Will Change The World Of Pcs

If you are a Perth web design or is someone who invests too much time in front of a computer, then you should definitely watch out for these new technologies that can revolutionize the way PCs are used. As you may know, the world of technology is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. The latest technology of last month can quickly become old fashioned and irrelevant when a newer model is released.

It is also a known fact that PCs are probably the ‘dinosaurs’ of the tech world. But this 2015, you should watch out as PCs are going to be made better, more interactive and fun.

  1. Wireless Charging

Are you tired of being entangled with heavy wires just to have your laptops charged? Well, this 2015, revolutionary technologists are now heavily investing into creating a way for you to charge your laptops without the use of wires and a power brick. Intel is now working to make it possible for you to find wireless charging the same way you find a Wi-Fi signal. Soon you will see restaurants, cafés and other establishments with this kind of technology.

  1. Creative Desktops

Back in the day, a desktop would only seem as a dull white box but in the years that had passed since its birth, desktops have been a hotspot of creativity with developers using their minds and their imagination into furthering and bettering the firstborn of modern computers. You would now be able to see desktops with an imaging and collaborative technology, with touchpads and 3D depth sensing cameras, and even with projectors.

  1. Computer Interaction

You can soon expect to see computers with better perception as they would soon be installed with gesture, voice and visual recognition technologies. They would soon become so interactive that using them would totally be a fun and fulfilling experience, for the time being.

  1. Biometric Sensors

For computer geeks out there, this would be a fulfillment to a fantasy as developers are now investing time and money in placing biometric sensors on PCs so that you would be able to log in to your accounts using your body.