New Technology Gadgets That Will Be Introduced In 2016

Every year new technology gadgets are introduced to the market. They are usually the cutting edge of technology and will hit the stores during the first month of the year although in some cases, the gadgets fill store shelves in time for Christmas. There are cool and great gadgets that everyone is looking forward to for 2016.

  • Solar Battery Charger includes a built-in 5000mAh battery with two charging points and highly efficient solar cells. The gadget is an excellent companion when hiking or camping trips in areas where there is no source of electricity. It is also the best option when the power grid goes down.
  • SG iOS Bluetooth Keyboard has been designed and built with iOS in mind meaning it is best used for Apple gadgets. There are many Bluetooth keyboards on the market but most of them do not work with iOS devices.
  • Soundwall is an audio canvass that makes of state of the art technology. It provides an immersive art experience of a traditional image painted on canvas with specially selected sounds from an artist. A new limited edition of the Soundwall features a Bruce Springsteen print with an audio interview and playlist by the famous musical genius. If you are a Bruce Springsteen fan, the special Soundwall sells for $3,500.
  • Phantom is a wireless piece of technology from Devialet, a company known for turning ordinary pieces of technology into excellent high tech equipment. The Phantom brings together the look of Death Star and high end sound tech similar to omnidirectional wireless speakers. The system can be a great addition to the living room for $1,400.
  • Swarovski’s Shine is a functional item with a beautiful design that can power a tracker without a battery. Large crystals are known for storing a lot of energy and certainly add a lot of bling to fitness tracking.

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