Why People Watch the Real Housewives Of Orange County

The Real Housewives of Orange County is the reality TV show that started the Real housewives franchise. Due to its success, the producers decided to create spin-off series thus starting the franchise. The success of the series had given way for 9 successful seasons. Their success can be attributed to the rising popularity of reality TV shows and the viewers who watch the shows. Now the big question is ‘Why are people so interested in watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and other reality TV shows?

Who would want to watch upper-class ladies who invest so much in Botox, right? Wrong! The right question would be ‘who wouldn’t watch upper-class ladies who invest so much in Botox go from day to day life?

People love watching the Real Housewives of Orange County because they are interested in the daily lives of these kinds of women, how they balance their family lives, their careers, and how they interact with one another. It is quite interesting to see how privileged women handle problems and their lives.

The show had gone a long way. Most of the cast had been axed and new characters appear every season. It’s really interesting to see how these women deal with their children, partners and all of life itself. Each character has a relevance to our daily lives. There are those characters that have to deal with an estranged relationship with their husbands that often lead to divorce, how they cope up and find love once again, how they handle their children, watching them grow, leaving for college. It is really quite interesting because shows and characters like these portray a lot about humanity.

Watching them socialize and get into fights, how they act when they are pressured. By watching these kinds of shows you would realize that everyone is just the same. Everyone experiences the same issues: friendship, trust, family, money. It’s really nice to watch shows like these that don’t need magical fairies, super attractive vampires and werewolves or serial killers and stalkers. It like life is laid bare on national television. It’s not just TV, it’s reality.