Reasons Why Websites Need To Be Optimized For Mobile

Paper Mart is a fourth generation family business that takes pride in being the largest discount packaging supplier in the United States. However, in spite of being a leader in the packaging industry, the company also has its share of competitors in the industry. In order to maintain its lead, it is critical for a packaging website to be optimized for mobile.

There is no question that mobile devices have become indispensable for many individuals. If a website is optimized for mobile, sales can increase and more traffic can be generated. It will also boost customer engagement. Smartphones are widely used all over the world and the number of users is steadily growing. With the growth in mobile is the corresponding increase in mobile internet browsing.

If you are not optimized for mobile, you are losing the opportunity to generate sales. Based on research, about 57% of mobile users will leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 30% will abandon their purchase transaction if they find out that the shopping cart is not optimized for mobile.

Mobile users are a different breed from desktop users because they want information in quick and digestible bites. Mobile customers are frequently impulse buyers and they spend more money on purchases than those using their desktops.

When optimizing the site for mobile, it is important to provide the customer with a good experience so that they can easily make decisions even when on the go.
With the billions of mobile users all over the world, mobile sites have become as important as the desktop versions. As Google has made it clear in its last year’s Hummingbird update, the future of search in today’s generation is mobile and websites that cannot be access from smartphones lose the opportunity to gain a lead or make a conversion.

When consumers are provided with a satisfying mobile experience, it is very likely that they will return to the website. It is important to ensure the functionality and consistency of a mobile experience because a mobile user would rather go to the competition that search for the desktop version of your site. Make navigation easy for mobile users to avoid the risks of your customers going to the competitor.