The Different Types Of Plumbing Valves

When you think about plumbing and the important role it plays in your house, do you ever stop to wonder how plumbing would be if valves weren’t invented? Surely, as beings of advanced intellect, people would’ve found ways and would’ve probably invented something similar but if you think about it now, valves do play an integral role in your house’s plumbing system. Plumbing is all about controlling the flow or distribution of water in the household and it is also responsible for controlling gas among other things. Valves are highly important to plumbing because it is needed to control the water especially during situations when the flow of water needs to be cut off.

When it comes to valves, you should know that there isn’t just one type of valve that can be used in plumbing. In fact, there are many different types of valves, some of which have specific applications. To understand them better, here are the different types of plumbing valves.

  1. GATE VALVES. Is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, type of valves that is mainly used for industrial, commercial and institutional purposes or applications. This valve features a disc or wedge, often called a ‘gate,’ that is lowered to seal the flow of water. The raising and lowering of the wedge is controlled by a wheel handle.
  2. GLOBE VALVES. This valve uses a stopper to block the flow of water when lowered into a baffle. The baffle takes a lot of space inside the valve making it not good for full-flow applications. However, this type of valve is unaffected by frequent use.
  3. STOP VALVES. All valves have a stop feature but this type of valve is designed mainly for stopping water. You may often see them under the toilet or under the sink.
  4. CHECK VALVES. This type is perfect for assuring a one-way flow and good for backflow prevention.
  5. BALL VALVES. This is the most common and most widely used type of valve and is mostly known for employing a rotating ball to control the flow of water.
  6. BUTTERFLY VALVES. Appear mostly like a ball valve with a butterfly mechanism, a disc that rotates as the handle turns. Butterfly valves are best used when fully closed or open.

When installing or replacing valves, it is important that you find the right person for the job, specifically, trained plumbers like those from Pro-Jett Rotherham.